Rose - "I worked with NOVA real estate group for most of the year on and off looking for houses. They pointed me in the right direction as far as loan officers and everyone else I needed once I found a house. I felt very supported during the home buying process. It was my first time, so they held my hand, walked me through it all, and it was great. I would say during the process of negotiating both upfront and after the inspection was done, he was just very hands-on during the entire process. I never felt like I was alone. There were several surprising things found on the home inspection, so he took the initiative in offering possible solutions. He answered most of my questions before I would even ask them. He's very intuitive."
Jenn - "I worked with Mike about 3 years ago buying my first ever house. From the minute I met him, he was on top of everything and made me feel really comfortable. I felt like I was their only client the entire time I worked with them. It was just an overall great experience. I ran into a situation where we lost a house because it didn't appraise and it was a stressful situation. Mike called me at 8am on my way into work and knew I was thinking about it. He said, "I know you are thinking about it, so I just want to update you and see what your concerns are." It was nice to know that I didn't have to follow-up with him because he was constantly following up with me."
Emily - "Well, I got a house out of it! It was the home that I wanted. I really enjoyed working with them because they listened to what I was looking for and they didn't try to push me in a direction I didn't want to go. I wanted a specific layout for my house and they didn't waste my time showing me homes with a layout different than what I wanted. It saved a lot of time and it ultimately gave me the results I wanted. After closing, I'm a first-time home buyer, they sent me an email that went over all the things we talked about at closing that we still needed to do to complete my home buying experience. There were a few things I needed to talk to other people about and it was all listed out in this page-long email. I would have never remembered to do all this stuff without it!"
Dan - "We didn't achieve the maximum number that we talked about. However, we did achieve within the bracket of price points that we were looking for our house. And we achieved it within a relatively aggressive time frame. In addition to achieving what I consider really strong results, the price and time are usually the two elements you have to play with really, in addition to any work you've done on the home, I would say we got strong results. Equally important to my wife and I, we were kept abreast of the process as we were going through it. Mike and Melana just did an exceptional job of keeping us aware and aligned with what's going on and what they were doing for us and what was happening with our sale. I would say the overall experience was just kind of exceptional in our minds. We've moved maybe eight or nine times in our lifetime as a married couple, so we've bought and sold a number of homes through the years. The personal care and focus on what our needs were and the tailoring of their approach to help us meet our needs, and by always informing us about the process and where we were at in the process, all of this was exceptional. All the little things add up; the phone call with a brief update of what was going on, even though it wasn't required of them, things like that, those personal touch points, made it a really exceptional experience overall. We couldn't speak highly enough of the personal care combined with the results we got working with Mike and Melana."