Why You Need a Buyer’s Agent in Northern Virginia

Do I need to use an agent when building? Absolutely. Here’s why.

You need representation. The builder has someone representing them, and you need someone to fight for your best interests as a buyer. That’s why it’s critical to have an exclusive buyer’s agent with tailored experience.

Find someone with good communication and expertise. They should know the field and other sales representatives in the area. They should speak the language and coordinate the entire process.

You need access. It’s especially true for brand new, emerging communities that are still being built. You need an agent that’s familiar with new construction properties. They will know the latest scoop in local developing communities. Often, these properties aren’t available to the general public or most agents. We have early access to this information before anyone else.

If you’re interested in new construction properties in northern Virginia, reach out to us today.

How We Made Beth's Real Estate Experience Incredibly Easy

What was your experience working with Michael and Melana Wilson and the NoVa Real Estate Group?

"In working with the real estate group, we were actually able put an offer in and sign on a house that we had only gone out one day with. It was an incredibly easy experience. I felt like our wishes were listened to and respected. You could tell they tried to make sure we were happy. What we wanted was the first thing they thought about.

At first we just wanted to look at open houses. We weren't planning on making any offers, we thought we were just in the beginning stages. Melana was able to rearrange her schedule to make sure we were able to go. It was at a moment's notice, less than 24 hours that she was able to line things up for us. Even in closing, she meticulously went through the papers with a fine toothed comb. She found an error, in our favor, that saved us $150. She made sure we were well taken care of throughout the whole process, from beginning to the end."

To contact Michael or Melana Wilson of the NoVa Real Estate Group, you can reach them by phone at (703) 722-8831on Facebook @LoudounCountyRealEstateor visit their website, AllLoudounCountyHomes.com