Melinda Loved the Patience and Support Melana Provided!

What was your experience working with Michael and Melana Wilson of the NOVA Real Estate Group?
"It's a bit of a long story but I'll sum it up. So, when we first moved to Northern Virginia, we were coming up here because of an amazing job opportunity for my husband. The worst possible thing happened, as the job fell through; my husband didn't have a job and it was just me and my teacher salary. Our initial adventure of looking for a home went to looking for a rental because we were in his parent's basement. Melana didn't even hesitate, she was so supportive in a time where we were just beside ourselves. We thought we had screwed up our lives big time. She just kept calm and found us a house that was in our new budget and it was great and we were very happy with the rental. Then, a year later, my husband got a great job and we were able to start looking for a home again, a home of our own. So then we started a new adventure and Melana was so patient. Northern Virginia is so expensive, especially from Charlotte, North Carolina, which is what we were used to. She helped us go through the motions of identifying our must-haves and she supported us. We then whittled down the list a bit and she seriously found us the most amazing house. Melana is wonderful. We really do think of her as a friend. We invited her over to our housewarming party, we've had her over for dinner -- she's just more than a Realtor. I don't think either of us could have made it through these unexpected twists and turns without her calm support. She's just amazing. She took us all over looking for houses to buy, then the plan changed to find houses to rent, and I know that's a huge commission change for her. We felt like we were wasting her time, but she was like, "No, you're never wasting my time!" My husband was working nights and I was working days, and she would show me the house when I could see it, and she would show him the house when he could see it. She would then text and email us asking what we thought of the house at a time when she knew both of us were awake. I feel like everything she did was above and beyond!"