The Number One Winterizing Tip

The cold is coming - is your home prepared?
Keep your home protected from the cold Northern Virginia winter! Shut off and drain your hose bibs, so they don't freeze and break.
In most houses, you'll find a front and back hose bib by the water heater in your utility room. Both valves should be horizontal or perpendicular to the line the water is flowing through.
Ensure the valves are turned off before disconnecting hoses and draining them separately. Open the valves and drain them before heading back inside. Next, you want to use the bleeder valve, which you can open by hand or with a pair of pliers. Break the seal and let the air in. This causes the water to siphon out through the outside spigot.
This ensures there is no water in the lines and will prevent frozen pipes and a huge mess in the spring! This is a simple task that every homeowner should do to keep their home protected through the cold months.
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