Listen to Emily's home-buying experience with NoVa Real Estate Group!

What results did you get when you worked with Michael and Melana Wilson and the NoVa Real Estate Group?
"Well, I got a house out of it! It was the home that I wanted. I really enjoyed working with them because they listened to what I was looking for and they didn't try to push me in a direction I didn't want to go. I wanted a specific layout for my house and they didn't waste my time showing me homes with a layout different than what I wanted. It saved a lot of time and it ultimately gave me the results I wanted.
After closing, I'm a first-time home buyer, they sent me an email that went over all the things we talked about at closing that we still needed to do to complete my home buying experience. There were a few things I needed to talk to other people about and it was all listed out in this page-long email. I would have never remembered to do all this stuff without it!"