Top Updgrades That Help Sell Your House

Today we're discussing the Top 3 Upgrades to help Sell your house in Northern Virginia.

Some upgrades and improvements are much more likely to have a positive impact on SELLING your home than others.   Here are our TOP 3 ...

#1:  Paint
#2:  Flooring
#3:  Fixtures

Repainting, replacing carpet or flooring, and updating lighting and other fixtures are typically affordable, yet have a huge Visual Impact on buyers.  These 3 typically give the most 'bang for the buck' - they help sell a house Faster and for More Money than most other upgrades.  

Remember that every house is different and these may not be the best for YOUR house, or they may not be needed at all.  

If you have questions or would like to discuss the details of selling your house, please don't hesitate to contact me!